A Question Of Errol Flynn

A Question Of Errol Flynn – a new play about Errol Flynn by Karen Lynne

Errol Flynn will be sailing into a port or appearing in a theatre near you.

Errol Flynn battles with his Biographer, his Mother and Girlfriend – and his demons and addictions – so you can be sure of verbal fireworks, fencing and very adult themes – as you might expect.

Definitely 16 and over.

“I find that the world is a much kinder place with a drink inside you. It keeps the demons out.” ERROL FLYNN

Welcome aboard Ladies and Gentlemen!

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A New Play about Errol Flynn

Missing Pieces Theatre Show Ltd are producing a new play about ERROL FLYNN called: “A Question Of Errol Flynn.”

An evening with Errol Flynn as we watch him spar with his Biographer, Girlfriend, and his much loathed Mother.

Errol Flynn
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This new play about Errol Flynn has previously been seen in a semi staged version at The Aldwych Theatre in the West End with a stellar cast and at Lauderdale House Arts Centre in Highgate.

Karen has returned to A QUESTION OF ERROL FLYNN and radically reworked the play  which currently has great interest.

It is a terrific funny, thoughtful, and challenging, Star vehicle for four amazing actors!

robin hood
Robin Hood – From Family Errol Flynn site see below

Errol Flynn Hero of the Silver Screen

Errol Flynn was the definitive Robin Hood and yet had a public persona which scandalised and fascinated people. Karen Lynne has studied Flynn the Enigmatic Man for many years – and comes to some surprising conclusions.

We watch as an older Flynn attempts to set his life down on paper. Sadly he says: “I don’t know what the truth is any more!”

Errol Flynn - Image may be subject to copyright

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From the moment he hit Hollywood the myth making began including the studio saying that he was born in Ireland because nobody knew where Tasmania was! Flynn, however, had been already making up myths about himself for a long time!

ERROL: Grins I’m too much for you aren’t I Sport!

WRITER: grins back Yes, but I’m getting used to you now.

ERROL: Listen kid, if I’ve missed anything out, it’s up to you to fill in the gaps.

WRITER: And if I don’t know what they are?

ERROL: Make them up, but for God’s sake make them interesting.

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Errol Flynn was, it seems, a sensitive and deeply read man, who wanted to be a Writer.

He was contradictory and could be difficult at one turn and charming the next.

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Karen’s play offers an insight into the mind of the REAL Flynn. It is both hilariously funny, scabrous and naughty and then tragic and philosophical.

The Play contains adult language and themes throughout as may be expected. The Play also explores addiction. It is unsuitable for children.

We are happy to answer any private enquiries:

Call Graham on 07875720623 / 01473 879561

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

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Many thanks to Rory Flynn for her gracious permission to write this new play.

Thanks to: David DeWitt, Lincoln D Hurst, Robert Florcza and many others of the Flynn clan.

Karen was a consultant on the Errol Flynn Documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“I thought it was very well written! Kudos. … All in all a play I’d love to see!” Robert Florcza

Errol Flynn authority and adviser on THE LAST OF ERROL FLYNN film with Kevin Kline.

Errol Flynn Family Website: http://www.inlikeflynn.com/

We had a rehearsed reading courtesy of the Aldwych Theatre in London’s West End to a packed house with Warner Bros and the Australian High Commissioner in attendance:


Thanks to our brilliant workshop cast!

Errol Flynn Tim Goodman

Biographer Glynne Steele

Girl                  Gemma Whitelam

Mother         Karen Mann

Directed:    Graham Howes

Thanks to Chris Copeland for photos and to the Aldwych Theatre for the use of the theatre.

We had a previous reading at Lauderdale House in Highgate with:

Brendan Hughes as Errol

Katy Jo Howman as The Girl

Lee Byron Jones as The Biographer

Actor Brendan Hughes

A Question of Errol Flynn – A New Play by Karen Lynne