English Speaking Theatre of Tuscany Italy

English Speaking Theatre of Tuscany Italy

Missing Pieces Theatre Show Ltd presents

We plan to be based in Lucca in Tuscany Italy part of the year – performing a mixture of Classics like Shakespeare, new plays on Italian subjects and featuring famous Italians, and plays about the Italian experience.

lucca-anfiteatro-italyPiazza Anfiteatro Lucca

There will be a strong dance, physical theatre and musical content in each of our shows – with outreach into both the ex pat community and Italian Schools and Further Education and Universities.

We will also be offering workshops for those Professionals who want to improve their English Language speaking skills sometimes offering opportunities to perform in tandem with our shows.

We will offer high quality educational workshops to bilingual schools, language schools, and for children learning English – and we hope to offer to some the opportunity to participate in the show.

We will offer very high quality Professional Theatre with a selection from the thirteen plays of Shakespeare set in Italy in addition to our other mixed variety of shows.

We are looking to talk to potential investors.

We are busy in the UK producing COME DANCE WITH MEĀ 


We visited Lucca in October 2014 with a BBC Documentary team for ESCAPE TO THE CONTINENT.

Contact Graham:

Telephone: 01473 879561 / 07875720623

Email: grahamahowes@me.com

anitaraniluccadoorAnita Rani Presenter

IMG_1369Lucca Street

mountain luccaMountains around Lucca Italy Photo: Anita Rani

IMG_1502The Magic of Lucca – does this contain a clue to our first Magical Shakespeare Production?

English Speaking Theatre of Tuscany – MISSING PIECES THEATRE SHOW LTD

5 Replies to “English Speaking Theatre of Tuscany Italy”

  1. Hi – I’ve been working for Theatr Iolo in Cardiff, Wales for 15 years and 1st Feb going out to live in Lucca for a while with my husband and young daughter. Are you based in Lucca now? Couldn’t work out how current this is?
    Would like to hear from you if you are around Lucca in 2015 – Missing Pieces looks soooooo up my alley!

    1. Hi Kerry

      We are in the setting up phase at present so pursuing funding and all the official stuff -= it is a real mountain to climb! WE would definitely love to have your CV to hand as we will be looking for local pros for our first Shakespeare project with some really great people attached so far. Missing Pieces itself will probably be in 2016 as part of our second season. Would be great to have a chat as I can’t publicly discuss too much at present.

      Do you speak Italian?


      Graham and Karen

  2. Hello I’m a writer & English teacher living in Bonn. I lived in Siena for a while as a student and so was looking for English theatres in Italy as potential submission targets. I can see that’s not quite what you’re after but it sounds like a great undertaking so I just wanted to say Good Luck or rather, In bocca al lupo.


    1. Still early days Julia – we have a national tour of the UK of KEEP DANCING to mount first but hope to celebrate Shakespeare’s anniversary next year if we can with a production based in Lucca and touring Italy. Thanks for your good wishes! I love that expression “In bocca al lupo!”

      Please keep in touch – are yu interested in being a part of our adventure? Do you have a CV?

      Best Wishes


      1. Dear Graham and Karen, long time no see. I’m coming to Lucca in Sept this year. Are you doing a production I could see at that time? It would be lovely to see you x Janet Jefferies

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